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All About Decorative Flooring

Steve Thompson
December 4, 2020

Southern California property owners and property managers have an opportunity to create attractive shiny floors by choosing from numerous flooring systems. It's just like how a garage floor looks better and lasts longer with a vehicular coating. Here's all about decorative flooring systems to help property owners and managers decide on flooring that attracts attention.

Garage Flooring

Epoxy is a practical choice for a coating to protect concrete, particularly in a residential garage. It will look impressive and allow for easy cleanup since epoxy resists oil and grease stains.

Decorative Epoxy Flooring

When choosing a flooring system, the common goal is that it provides both beauty and durability. Using various decorative pigments and metallic epoxy pigments can help make the flooring look more attractive.

Decorative epoxy flooring must be installed with precision to meet the needs of customers that choose customized solutions. That's why it's best to work with a certified waterproofing contractor who can guarantee the work is being done correctly.

Decorative Quartz System

Some flooring systems are based on a blend of multi-colored quartz aggregates along with epoxy and other coatings. DecoSpec QuartzCast is a double broadcast flooring system that may also be composed of polyaspartic and urethane topcoats.

Decorative Flake System

One of the most straightforward installations for a decorative flooring system is a decorative flake system such as DecoSpec ChromaFlake. Its components include 100 percent solids, epoxy, and urethane topcoats. This solution is easy to maintain while delivering aesthetics with multicolored decorative vinyl flakes.

Decorative Mica Flake System

Another solution with similar ingredients using multi-colored flakes is DecoSpec LusterFlake, except it is composed of mica mineral flakes that have a metallic appearance. This flooring is also easy to maintain and has a natural appearance that resembles expensive granite or marble tile.

The DecoSpec LusterFlake system is ideal for reducing exposure to toxic chemicals. It's also sustainable due to its durability.

Decorative Metallic Pigment Flooring System

If you are looking for a metallic effect, you should consider a decorative metallic pigment flooring system such as DecoSpec LumiSwirl. This system blends reflective pearlescent pigments with a colorless epoxy coating. The result is flooring with a robust protective layer and a brilliant shine.


Commercial entities that want to maximize the durability and appearance of their floors should consider waterproofing. Facilities with concrete floors benefit significantly when applying a water-resistant coating. This solution is also non-flammable and doesn't include dangerous chemicals.

Backyard patio decks need waterproofing since they come in constant contact with environmental elements. If they aren't kept in top shape, they can deteriorate quickly from rain, so they should be sealed first and then waterproofed.

Usually, protective coating and decorative staining require purchasing particular products. Consumers are sometimes confused about how certain products are marketed as sealants while others are sold as waterproofing. Due to this confusion, it's often best to work with a decorative flooring professional.

A quick, easy way to test if a deck needs waterproofing is to apply drops of water. If the water soaks into the wood, it's a good idea to have a waterproofing expert assess the deck.


Use the above information as a starting guide to learn all about decorative flooring. Then choose an experienced flooring expert who can help answer your questions about a customized solution.