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5 Signs You Should Invest In Waterproofing

Kevin Marshall
October 5, 2018

If you find yourself thinking, ‘Is basement waterproofing a good investment?’, the short answer is yes. There are a number of reasons why waterproofing is a great idea for your home. In fact, it’s one of the best decisions you can make in the long run for your home as waterproofing protects the overall integrity of your home. Wood deck coatings waterproof systems is another good investment to make in your as well. Read on to discover five signs you should invest in waterproofing.

  1. Water Strains. If you have looked in your basement recently, only to find water stains on the floor, ceiling, or wall, this is a good sign that there is a leak somewhere in your basement. Even if the stain is dry, it is still as a sign of a leak.
  2. Musty Smell. One of the biggest giveaways that there is water leaking somewhere is a musty or damp smell in the basement. This usually is a sign of a leak. Be sure to take note of the smell of your basement after rainy or wet weather as this will be a good indicator is there is a leak somewhere.
  3. Cracked walls of floors. If you have any cracked walls or floors in your basement, this is the perfect opportunity for water to seep through. Even if you haven’t noticed any other water leaks, the cracks will eventually bring water with it.
  4. Sticking doors. When wood becomes wet, it starts to swell. It can also cause door frames to warp, crack or swell. If you find that your basement doors are sticking, this is another good indicator that there is a leak, and you need your basement waterproofed.
  5. Mold growth. If you happen to spot mold, whether it is black, green or white, this is a serious indicator of water in the home. Additionally, mold causes a number of health concerns from simple allergies to more serious lung infections. Where this mold, there is water, so if you spot mold, it’s time for your basement to be waterproofed.