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4 Common Misconceptions About Waterproofing

Christine Lee
October 31, 2018

When it comes to home repair, there are a lot of misconceptions about home waterproofing. Some people might think that waterproofing is just for outdoor decks but it’s actually much more than that. In fact, waterproofing a wooden box can then be turned into a backyard planter for your dream home garden! When we think about waterproofing, we should expand our thoughts and begin to consider the whole home and how waterproofing fits into it. Here are four common misconceptions about waterproofing.

  1. Black tar paint is all that’s needed to prevent leaks. At the end of the day, the only thing that black tar paint can prevent is keeping out some vapor. However, just on it’s own, it is not sufficient to keep your basement or the foundation of your home free from water damage. Without a proper waterproof system in place, your home will not be fully protected from future water damage.
  2. Basement waterproofing is too expensive. Every basement job is going to look a little different and the cost you pay will depend on the level of work that will be done. With that being said, if you have a smaller job that needs to get done, an average price will cost somewhere between $700-$800 per 100 square feet. Some contractors may even offer a discount if you are requiring a full basement waterproofing. At the end of the day though, paying money now is an investment. It will help you from paying thousands in damages later.  
  3. Exterior solutions aren’t permanent and they won’t fix the water intrusion problem. When done correctly, exterior solutions can be a permanent and effective type of waterproofing. If you have heard this from someone, it’s likely that they used a handyman or a landscaper to try and fix their exterior leaking problem. However, at the end of the day, exterior waterproofing solutions need to be done by trained professionals who focus on waterproofing.
  4. All waterproofing problems can be fixed the same way. This is perhaps the worst misconception of them all. Just because sometimes waterproof paint or adding some caulk to cracks works for some people’s problems does not mean that it works for all problems. Waterproofing issues can be tricky because every home presents different problems that are unique to the home. The result is that you need creative solutions that will directly address the issues that your home presents.