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Waterproofing Extends your Deck’s Life

Pembrook Nelson
February 28, 2018

There’s simply no way around it, getting your deck waterproofed is one of the best things you can do to keep your deck look like new. Whether you have a wood or cement deck, waterproofing can help add to the longevity of your deck for a wide range of reasons. Read on to learn how waterproofing can help you increase the life of your deck.  If you have a wooden deck, getting it waterproofed is a must. Without a protective waterproof seal on the deck, a number of things can happen. Waterproof sealants actually help to protect from UV rays so that the color of the wood does not fade or look dull. This is is an easy way that your deck can remain looking young. Additionally, without getting your deck waterproofed, your leaving your deck at risk. Water damage can cause splitting and cracking in the wood over time. Additionally, water damage can cause dry rot and mold as well. Not only will these things make your deck not look very good, they make your deck unsafe as dry rot can decrease the strength of the deck.  If you have a concrete deck, don’t make the mistake that you don’t need to get it waterproofed just because it’s not wood. Waterproofing your concrete deck actually adds a protective layer over the surface of your deck which makes it more resilient. If you use your deck often, you’ll find that even just regular foot traffic can cause wear and tear to your deck including unsightly cracks or scratches. When you waterproof, you add extra protection from regular traffic that takes place when you enjoy your deck. Another added benefit of waterproofing a concrete deck is that when you waterproof, it’s a good time to make over the look of your deck. You can now add tints of colors and even stamp patterns into your concrete deck when you get it waterproofed. With added protection and a new style, you can help keep your deck looking like new!