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Backyard Remodeling Ideas

Steve Thompson
February 5, 2021

Rethinking your backyard scenery can lead to a fresh perspective on comfort and ambiance. A blend of creativity and nature is at the core of the best backyard remodeling ideas. Here are some common backyard ideas you can use as a starting point for renovation.

Build Your Deck or Patio

One of the most popular backyard remodeling ideas is to build your deck or patio. Not only will you impress guests, but you’ll also be boosting the value of your property. A customized deck or patio to fit your existing backyard scenery adds character and uniqueness to a home.

Pave a Walkway with Stone

Laying down stones (aka pavers) in the ground is an aesthetic alternative to concrete. Stones can potentially last longer since they don't crack as easily as concrete. Pavers can be tile or brick, as well as flat stones. Glow-in-the-dark stones can add mystique for night gatherings.

Erect a Pergola

For a touch of sophistication and elegance consider building a pergola surrounded by plants and flowers. A pergola can offer protection from rain, which allows you to include a couch or hammock for outdoor relaxation. Adding curtains can provide shade on sunny days. For maximum enjoyment, design it to be a cozy outdoor living room.

Add a Fountain

Fountains bring energy and relaxation to any setting, as they associate with calm and relaxed environments. The fountain doesn't have to take up a large space, as it can be part of a garden or surrounded by other earthy scenery. One of the reasons fountains are captivating is that they form both a visual and audio experience. Running water is a constant reminder that it closely relates to life and vitality.

Grow Plants Vertically

Planting a garden can be personally rewarding since it requires care to make it grow effectively. There are various ways to arrange a garden, including vertical arrays, useful when space is limited. Planter boxes made of wood, metal, porcelain, or clay are ideal for this scenario since they help save space and be easily repurposed. Just make sure the boxes are well sealed while providing sufficient drainage.

Installing waterproofing planter boxes is an even better idea. Certain materials such as redwood or cedar repel water and can last many years.

Set Up a Portable Bar

If you plan on having social gatherings in the future, it's always handy to have a portable bar available to serve guests. The bar can simply be on a cart with wheels, and you can roll it to wherever you want. In the wintertime use it for indoor events, then quickly move it outdoors if weather permits.

Create a Stage Area

Make your backyard a private entertainment center for your family and friends. Setting up a stage allows for exclusive performances by talented people in your circle, which will enable you to cut costs on entertainment. A stage can be used by a wide range of people, from musicians to instructors to actors. Even when no one is performing, a stage can still contribute to an exciting ambiance.


Use these backyard remodeling ideas mixed with your own as catalysts for your renovation project. Then consider the costs for each idea to see what fits into your budget. Ultimately, your tastes for color and other visual elements should play a significant role in your backyard design.