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Outdoor Living Space Ideas for Summer

Steve Thompson
April 16, 2021

Summertime is around the corner, so it's time to start planning on backyard ideas to make your home more comfortable and attractive for guests. Hotter weather often causes people to think of cool solutions, such as shady trees and light colors, to avoid heat absorption. Here are some essential outdoor living space ideas for summer to consider.

Backyard Patio Surrounded By Plants

There are endless ways to make a backyard patio look attractive. Summer is often equated with green plants, flowers, and gardens. One way to create beautiful scenery is to fill your patio area with deck accents like different types of potted and hanging plants. The concept of green everywhere you turn has a calming effect, as green is often associated with fresh air, cool breezes, and picturesque natural scenery. More and more people talk about the environment and appreciation for nature, so green saturation is already in demand.

Landscaping Emphasizing Greenery

Another variable to improve outdoor imagery is landscaping. Again, there are thousands of possibilities for making natural scenery look captivating while creating an earthy atmosphere. Pulling dead weeds is the first step to enhancing the landscaping and trimming shrubs; adding physical boundaries to grass with wood, stone, or concrete forms a streamlined appearance that blends nature with modern technology. What's nice about landscaping is you don't necessarily have to invest in expensive tools to get excellent results.

Beautiful Fountain Ambiance

Water is an often overlooked form of natural beauty until people see and hear it near them—sights and sounds of running water trigger cool sensations, which a fountain can generate. Multi-level fountains contribute to the noticeable artistic ambiance that helps start conversations. Another reason fountains stand out as unique is you don't see very many of them in backyards, but it's often a memorable and pleasant experience when you do. Many different types of pre-assembled fountain kits are available to explore.

Pizza Oven for Gatherings

If you plan to host backyard parties, think about installing a pizza oven. Not only is it useful for feeding guests, but it also provides outdoor heat for a concentrated area at night. Additionally, these outdoor ovens, often made of brick or stone, look innovative and add to the backyard ambiance. When an outdoor oven is permanent, it presents a more sophisticated image than a small barbecue set. The concept of "homemade pizza" becomes more conscious as guests see the oven as part of the ritual and excitement.

Outdoor Entertainment Center

We often think of backyard parties for friends with the mention of "summer." One way to ensure there's no dull moment is to bring visual or audio entertainment to your backyard. Placing a portable big screen TV or stereo system on wheels allows you to move the system in and out whenever you need it. For practicality, it's best to keep electronic systems near outdoor AC outlets to avoid using long extension cords.


Finding creative outdoor living space ideas for summer is easy when you let nature be the guide. The more green you add to your backyard, the more it will look ready for summer fun. Consider the people you plan to invite over and focus on what it will take to help them relax and enjoy their surroundings. Contact us at West Coast Deck Waterproofing for deck repair or deck waterproofing services in Orange County, CA, or Southern California.