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Apply Decorative Finish To Your Concrete Floors

Kevin Marshall
October 13, 2016

If you are thinking about giving your home a new look but are worried about expensive costs, you should consider applying a decorative finish to your concrete floors. Instead of opting for more expensive material such as stone or travertine, adding a decorative finish to floors, so you can have your house looking like new. 

When people think concrete floors, they usually think boring, grey slabs. However, not many people know that through the power of color tinting and stamping, concrete floors can be finished to look like a variety of types of materials including stone and brick. The benefit of this is that concrete is much cheaper than these other materials. In addition, concrete is also a very strong material and once it has been covered with a sealant and waterproofed, it is protected from a variety of elements. Another benefit of the decorative finish is that it is not required to remove or re-pour the concrete that is already there. This process can end up being very expensive. Instead, the decorative finish style uses an overlay system where only a new layer is added to the top of the pre-existing surface. Once this new layer has been added, you can decide on a variety of different options. 

One option is to simply add a color stain to the concrete. This means that the finish of the concrete will not be a typical grey. Instead, you can choose from a variety of colors such as red tints, orange tints, yellow tints and blue tints among others. If you want your concrete to look like a type of material such as bricks or flagstones, an acrylic polymer stain can be used in order to create that same aesthetic look of these more expensive materials. When these different options are combined, there are many decorative options that you can choose from. 

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