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8 Spring Landscaping Maintenance Tips

Steve Thompson
March 4, 2022

Would you like to improve your outdoor home decking this year? Keeping your deck clean and leak-free are two critical factors to check before moving forward. Here are some essential spring landscaping maintenance tips.

1. Periodically Check Concrete for Cracks

Concrete is a reliable deck solution due to its aesthetics, stability, and durability. The main problem with concrete is that it cracks. When you see minor cracks, a simple solution is to fill them with sealant from a caulking gun. This is one of the most crucial spring landscaping maintenance tips because water can seep through cracks and cause deterioration.

2. Inspect Wooden Decks for Leaks

Wood can be damaged from excessive exposure to moisture. Letting this moisture persist can cause the wood to rot. It's important to identify water leaks in the wood to protect the longevity of your deck. You may need to hire a specialist to take care of those leaky deck repairs.

3. Clear Your Roof Deck

Once per year, you should move furniture off your roof deck so you can examine every square inch for leaks. You should check the seams to see if deterioration needs repair. Walk around the deck and take note if you encounter any soft spots, which can be a sign of rot.

4. Remodel Decking with Marine Plywood

If you've decided to remodel your decking completely, consider using marine plywood, eliminating gaps between layers. This tight layering helps prevent water from getting trapped between the layers. If you find plywood leaks in the future, a trained tech can repair them with a waterproof sealant coating.

5. Replace Old Flashing

Another critical step in a roof decking renovation project is to remove any old rusted flashing around the chimney or other roof extensions. Old flashing can be a source of water leaks, so updating it will help prevent the spread of water damage.

6. Fix Deck Drainage Issues

Cleaning your water drainage system is vital to prevent water buildup when it rains. When drains get full of leaves, it can clog the system. To get the job done most safely and efficiently, it's best to work with an experienced professional decking contractor.

7. Identify What Causes Leaks

If you discover a leak in your decking, it's imperative to determine its source. You can identify the source by conducting a water test and isolating different components of the deck with the help of an assistant. Observe how often the leak occurs as you water test door frames, siding, and the deck perimeter. The leading causes of a leaky deck are clogged drains, deteriorating concrete, and design errors or inappropriate construction.

8. Talk With Your Home Insurance Agent

Before launching into a home renovation project, it's best to talk with your home insurance agent to review what your policy covers. Will your policy pay for the renovation or at least a portion? Every insurance company has its criteria for coverage plans, so it's essential not to assume anything and get answers to your questions about possible reimbursement. Basic home insurance policies have limited coverage, such as storm damage, whereas a more customized plan may pay for home repairs.

Call a Professional Deck Waterproofing Contractor

Homeowners should refer to these spring landscaping maintenance tips when it's time to inspect and improve their home decking. You can participate in beautifying your home while letting professionals handle the more complicated parts of the deck waterproofing project. Contact us at West Coast Deck Waterproofing for more information on our deck waterproofing repair services.