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5 Cool Summer Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Steve Thompson
June 3, 2022

As a homeowner, one of your main concerns should be your landscaping, which affects your property's appearance, environmental quality, and value. When it comes to the backyard, you still need to maintain landscaping, since it helps preserve soil and your natural scenery. It also cleans the air and facilitates proper water management. Here are a few creative summer backyard landscaping ideas to consider.

Promote Sustainability with Desert Plants

At the top of your list of summer, backyard landscaping ideas should be ways to promote sustainability, which is an increasingly important personal and social topic. Every homeowner needs to think about methods to cut costs and conserve resources. The best landscapers are aware of climate change so they prioritize sustainable solutions. They look for innovative ways to make land, water, and air cleaner and energy consumption more efficient.

Using minimalism as a guide, think about drought-resistant plants that don't require much water. Desert plants to consider include lavender, coneflower, catmint, California poppy, and bunny ear cactus.

Design Your Backyard for Nature-driven House Parties

Part of sustainability is well-being, which encompasses feeling comfortable around friends and family. There are countless ways to have an amazing deck BBQ party, so think of flexible solutions that add excitement and ambiance to your property.

Since scientific studies show that connecting with nature is good for a person's health, consider planting a garden or even just one new tree. Watching it grow enhances your mental health because it reminds you that life is full of fascinating natural processes. Edible gardens are particularly rewarding because they provide natural nutrients and help beat rising food prices.

Explore Lawn Alternatives

Another one of the best summer backyard landscaping ideas you can implement on an affordable budget is a plan that reduces water consumption. Since having a large lawn requires plenty of water to keep it green, consider lawn alternatives beyond desert plants that don't require regular watering. Habiturf is a type of plant grass that doesn't require mowing. Small evergreen shrubs also don't require much maintenance. Other natural lawn alternatives include stones, rocks, and wood bark.

Experiment with Color

The old-fashioned white picket fence has lost its charm in the modern world, just as chicken-wire fences can be an eyesore. The combination of these fencing types and dead weeds calls for color enhancement. More captivating these days is a dark grey, green or blue fence. The contrast with green plant life has an intriguing European appearance. Dark and bolder colors on various outdoor structures paint interesting imagery.

Another way to experiment with color is borrowing from an emerging women's fashion trend called color blocking. This concept involves using blocks of color to frame or segment natural scenery. Color blocking is excellent for emphasizing potted plants or outdoor furniture.

Find Outdoor Furniture that Invites Comfort

Make guests feel comfortable by providing outdoor furniture that looks comfortable. A soft sofa surrounded by plants has the feel of a vacation resort. Potted or hanging plants help create a cooling effect that adds to the comfort level. Natural materials are becoming increasingly popular for outdoor furniture in the form of swing seats and garden benches. Wooden furniture that blends well with your deck is ideal for creating a cozy back-to-nature lounge area.


Putting creative effort into your backyard's landscaping can go a long way in making your home more unique and attractive. If you need help with any deck-related or waterproofing projects, contact the pros at West Coast Deck Waterproofing.