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Top Ways to Throw an Amazing Deck BBQ Party!

Steve Thompson
July 2, 2021

The best type of deck bbq party encompasses the great outdoors, gourmet food, and friendly networking. Bringing special people together in an intimate setting can be a memorable event that opens up new communication channels, which nurtures new opportunities. First, you'll need to clean up your deck and backyard then plan for a high-quality barbecue gathering.

Think about the safety and well-being of your guests. If mosquitoes visit your area, use herbs to drive them away, which can be achieved by adding sage to a fire pit or grill. Make sure before the party you've cleared away any objects that people can potentially trip over. Creating a safe environment is essential to setting the stage for a fun and memorable backyard party.

Top 5 Ways to Throw an Ultimate Party

1. Set a Mood with Eye-catching Decor

The mood should match the theme of the event, which may range from upbeat to relaxing. For relaxing events, think about using an earthy ambiance, such as a wall of green plants. Green and light blue are colors associated with relaxation. For more uplifting events, think about emphasizing brighter colors. The more you can make the decor reflect the mood, the more the event will tell a detailed visual story.

2. Use Appropriate Lighting

Similar to decor, make sure you use appropriate lighting to emphasize the mood you wish to set. LED lights come in a wide variety of colors and are valid for outdoor lighting due to their brightness and energy efficiency. Consider using a string of lights in the deck area to create a nightclub ambiance.

3. Include Music

Music is often the life of the party, whether it's a dance or dinner. If you want your crowd to dance, hire a mobile DJ or become your DJ by making a playlist on a computer. A live DJ can add humor and energy to the party. Sometimes it's fun to pass a wireless mic around and let people say whatever they want or sing along with a song. Soft music is helpful for a relaxing background soundtrack during dinner. Having a sound system at the party gives you options to make speeches.

4. Offer a Self-Serve Buffet

Make kitchen work easy by offering pre-packaged food and beverages as part of your self-serve buffet. The food should be well protected from flies and other insects. Bowls with plastic wrapping may work for outdoor buffets, but jars with threaded lids provide much better protection from environmental elements. Showcasing food items on a menu helps guests decide what they wish to eat. You can create your menu with art supplies or invest in a small chalkboard.

Berries of various types have become increasingly popular due to growing awareness of their high nutritional value. By offering berries, you are communicating to guests your appreciation for healthy natural foods.

5. Provide Games for Early Birds

Get your deck bbq party rolling for early arrivals by letting them engage in fun lawn games or tossing a ball around. Nerf balls, beach balls, or balloons can add to the fun. Consider setting up props for guests to create their games. There are countless backyard island ideas to think about for making your party an engaging event.


Throwing the ultimate deck bbq party is within the realm of possibility. Plan on a socially responsible event by gathering the best ideas that work for you and your group. Instead of physical invitations through snail mail, save money and go more green by sending e-vites through emails. Contact us at West Coast Deck Waterproofing if you have any questions on enhancing your backyard deck for parties.