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Safe Waterproofing Products for Landscaping

Steve Thompson
January 7, 2022

If you invest in a backyard patio and other landscaping designs, it's crucial to develop a knowledge base about safe waterproofing products. Although outdoor decks are meant to be durable, moisture can take its toll on various materials, especially wood. Here's a brief overview of what you should know about safe waterproofing products and how ICC-rated products enhance safety.

What are ICC Rated Products?

ICC stands for International Code Council, which develops codes and standards used in construction. Its goals are to influence builders to move toward sustainable solutions for the built environment. As an industry association, the ICC influences its members to adopt designs that embody the qualities of safety, affordability, and resilience.

With over 360 chapters in the United States, the ICC focuses on building, fire, mechanical, electrical, energy and plumbing concerns. The council forms its codes based on a committee voting process after members have addressed proposals. These codes help lower the cost of construction and create safer environments. They also create uniformity across all 50 states, Washington DC, and US territories.

Selecting Certified Safe Waterproofing Products

There are multiple advantages to choosing ICC-certified products beyond ensuring the items pass safety tests. Certified products give consumers a choice in quality with confidence in knowing the products meet industry standards and regulatory requirements. Certified products ensure consistency for consumers and have multiple marketing advantages for firms that sell them.

Concrete Waterproofing

Homeowners with wooden decks are usually aware that too much moisture leads to dry rot, mold, and mildew. One of the advantages of concrete structures is they are more resistant to water, but they are much more durable if they undergo waterproofing. Various safe waterproofing products can ensure your concrete will be water-resistant for the winter. Additional advantages include protecting concrete from cracks and UV rays, which can degrade concrete balcony waterproofing.

Making Sure Your Contractor Understands Building Codes

When you hire a construction contractor to install a deck, swimming pool, or other structure to your property, it helps to do a background check. Is the contractor up-to-date on your local building codes? Does the contractor have access to safe waterproofing products? If you want a high-quality decking system that meets industry standards for safety, ask to see an AC 39 report. Another report called ESR gives you information on building materials and the construction process. Combining these two reports provides consumers with a clear sense of quality control.

What is Firestopping?

In addition to waterproofing your deck elements, you should also look into fireproofing the materials. Firestopping is designed to prevent fire from spreading based on a fire-rated wall or floor, a water source such as a sprinkler, and firestop material. Firestop systems must be set up carefully, or they may not work. Materials used in these systems include insulators like glass, minerals, foam, and metallic and nonmetallic piping.


It's essential to protect your deck with waterproofing if you want it to last many years. The key is to invest in safe waterproofing products that add durability to your deck and landscape features. Contact us at West Coast Deck Waterproofing to answer your questions about safe waterproofing products.