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Pet Friendly Deck Ideas

Christine Lee
February 21, 2020

When you have a deck attached to your home, you have a place where you can entertain guests and have fun with your friends and family. As you build that deck and work with designers, you might not stop to think about your pets though. Both dogs and cats need an outdoor space that keeps them safe. That is why you need to make sure that you have a gate or door where the deck meets your yard. You can lock or latch this gate to keep your pets contained. Other pet friendly deck ideas can help you create the perfect spot for your pets.

Add Shade

A common mistake that some homeowners make is that they don't add any shade for their pets. A good rule of thumb is that any spot on the deck that is too hot for you to stand for five seconds is too hot for your pets. You should put your bare hand on the deck and see if it feels hot to the touch. Those hot areas can burn your pets and increase their risks of suffering from heatstroke. An awning attached to your house or a large umbrella can provide some extra shade for those animals.

Go with Composite or Concrete Decking

Composite decks are great for homes with pets because they can withstand their little claws running across the surface better than wood can. With wood decks, you need to worry about your pets getting splinters too. If you add a concrete patio or deck, you can look at the different types of concrete coatings. That coating adds a protective layer that keeps your pets from wearing down their nails when they play outside. A concrete coating also makes the deck easier to clean if your pet has an accident outside.

Deck Railings

The railings that you see on decks do more than just add a nice and decorative look. They also prevent common injuries from slips and falls. When choosing railings, you need to look at both the height and the distance between the posts. You want to make sure that the railings aren't so low that your pets can jump over them. This can lead to broken bones and other injuries when they hit the ground. If the posts are too far apart, small dogs and cats can easily slip through and get into the yard.

Other Tips and Ideas

Many cities have laws against grilling under covered porches but they do allow you to grill in your backyard or on your deck so long as it's not covered. When you grill, be sure to keep the grease out of reach of your pets and keep them away from the hot metal. You'll also want to take a look at any of the plants and flowers near your deck. Certain plants are toxic to dogs and cats and can cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, or even vomiting. When designing and build your deck, keep these pet friendly deck ideas in mind to keep all of your pets safe.