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Enjoying your Home Deck During the Winter

Jenn Tolson
December 28, 2018

Just because it’s the wintertime does not mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor deck space anymore. With a fun winter deck design, your outdoor space can be your new favorite hang out space year round. Be sure to get in contact with a waterproofing company to ensure your deck is waterproofed and properly protected from the elements including rain and UV rays.

If you’re going to be using your deck during the wintertime, one of the first things to do is to make sure there is a heat source. Simply by adding space heaters around the deck will make everyone more comfortable and will make friends and family want to stay hanging out on the deck even after the sun goes down. If possible, adding fire pits is another great option when it comes to keeping people warm outdoors. There are various stand alone fire pits that can be purchased for your outdoor space as well as heating lamps.

During the winter, everyone wants to be warm and cozy. So make your deck inviting by adding warm blankets to the seating areas so that everyone can feel comfortable. Be sure to add comfy pillows and even holiday decorations as well! From twinkling lights to a small christmas tree, these small additions can go a long way to making your outdoor space look and feel comfortable during the wintertime. Finally, be sure to put covers on your furniture when not using them to protect them from the winter elements.