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Cool Things to Do on Your Deck

Pembrook Nelson
December 28, 2018

Your outdoor deck is one of those spaces in your home that should be used as much as possible and shouldn’t be forgotten. There are plenty of ways to spend time with loved ones out on your deck so it’s important to make sure it’s properly waterproofed to protect the wood and make your deck last longer. If you’re wondering how long do waterproof coats last, they should typically be recoated every 4 years or so. Make sure to get weatherproofing services from a certified company for best results. With your deck in tip top shape, check out some of these ideas for cool things to do on your deck.

Family Meals & BBQs

Having a table on your deck allows you to enjoy any meal from breakfast to dinner with your family outdoors. Outdoor grilling on your deck is another great way to use the space. Adding patio furniture to your deck is the perfect way to allow guests to enjoy the area. From patio tables, umbrellas, lounge chairs and seats, there are so many options which means you can find the perfect furniture to fit your needs.

Relaxing Environment

At the end of a long day, having a comfortable place to relax is a must. Your outdoor deck can be the perfect ‘getaway’ for you. All you need is a comfy chair or lounger seat, a nice throw blanket and a table nearby to set your warm mug of tea or other beverage of choice down. Finish off the look by adding shrubs and plants as well as string lights to add to the calming effect.

Movie Night

With the simple addition of a projector, your outdoor space can be turned into a fun location for a movie night! If you have kids, you can put out a big blanket filled with comfy pillows and outdoor seating for the adults. Pop some popcorn, lay out some treats and you and your friends can enjoy a fun movie night underneath the stars!