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3 Signs You Need to Repair Your Deck

Christine Lee
June 7, 2019

When it comes to keeping your deck safe and secure, adding waterproof deck paint to the surface is a great place to start as preventing water damage helps keep your deck stay secure for longer. With time however, your deck will likely need some upkeep. Here are some surefire signs your deck needs attention.

  1. Sagging or warped wood panels. There are a couple things to be on the lookout for. If you notice wood panels that are warped or have large cracks running through them, this is a likely sign of water damage. Sagging wood panels or areas of the wood that feels spongy is also an indicator of water damage.
  2. Unsteady railings. Every now and then it’s important to check your railings for steadiness. If they feel wobbly, this is a definite sign that added care is needed to your deck. It’s important to get these fixed as it can cause serious danger to someone if they lean on the railing and fall.
  3. Unstable ledger boards. The ledger boards of a deck are the pieces responsible for securing your deck to the house. If these are unstable, it can affect the integrity of the entire deck. To check whether its time for new ledger boards, see if they are unstable, wobbly, or feel loose. Check for any visible signs of damage.