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3 Signs you Might Need a Deck Renovation

Kevin Marshall
October 12, 2018

When it comes to making sure your deck is still up to par, you’ll want to inspect it every now and then. Making sure the waterproof coating for wood decks is still in tact is a great place to start. When you’re looking for what to inspect for deck renovation, check out the list below.

  1. Your railings shake whenever you grab onto them. While it’s true your deck is no going to suddenly collapse if your railings are a little loose, it can often be a sign of a larger problem. Rails are also supposed to be there for the safety of you and your guests and is a major safety hazard. When your railings begin to feel loose, a common reason for this is that the wood may be old and splintering, causing the nails keeping the railings together to become loose and they pull away from the main deck.
  2. Deck boards wobble when you walk on them. If you walk along the deck and find that some spots seem more wobbly than others, that can certainly be a sign that it’s time for your deck to be updated. When wood boards start to feel spongy or springy, it usually means that the wood has some sort of water damage to it. Water damage may mean dry rot, and it certainly means the integrity of your deck is at risk. If your deck has water damage, it’s time for a new deck.
  3. There’s stains and blemishes all over the deck. When you use your deck often, simple everyday use may eventually lead to stains. Whether you spilled some food or alcohol on your deck or there’s scuff marks, stains and blemishes can be displeasing to the eye. In addition, if the stain isn’t taken care of, it can actually eat away at the protective seal of the deck causing further damage. If there’s lots of stains and parts of your deck are no longer sealed or waterproofed, it may be time to replace the wooden panels are re-seal your deck with waterproof protection.