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Heat Reflective Pool Deck Coatings & Why They're So Important

Pembrook Nelson
June 22, 2016

With summer nearly in full swing, it is a time of high traffic for your pool deck as family and friends are probably coming over for fun by the pool. Before things really heat up, you can take a few precautions to ensure the safety of anyone that may come over. Here are a few reasons that you should consider getting a heat reflective pool deck coating for the summer. 

One of the biggest problems of the summer is when the temperature increases and the heat becomes almost unbearable. Homeowners lucky enough to have a pool can enjoy the water but what about the concrete deck alongside the pool? Baking in the sun all day, the temperature of the concrete rises significantly making it nearly impossible to walk on it while barefoot. Instead of burning your feet, consider using a pool deck overlay, specifically, a cement-polymer overlay that will help to reflect the heat. Some benefits of this cement overlay is that it is easy to apply. The overlay is in liquid form and thus it can simply be sprayed onto the surface of your deck. Different tints of color can also be added to the substance giving you the option of giving your deck a bit of a makeover at the same time. It is important to note that lighter colors absorb less heat and will make the surface of your deck considerably cooler than a darker color. Another added benefit of adding this overlay is that the material protects from UV rays. Over time, even a substance as hard as concrete can be damaged by UV rays, which can result in cracks and general ware and tare. 

Before things really heat up, consider getting your pool deck resurfaced. If your deck has cracks, chips, or other unsightly marks, it may be time to resurface your deck. Before family and friends start to come over all the time, fix up your deck by getting it resurfaced. 

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