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Creating the Ultimate Pool Party Checklist

Steve Thompson
July 16, 2021

Planning a summer pool party is an excellent way to bring friends together for an enjoyable outdoor gathering. Your first chore should clean up the backyard and make it look ready for a special event. Remove large objects that won't be used for the party to create more open space. Consider what types of cooking or grilling equipment you may need outdoors.

You should waterproof your deck to protect its durability since wood can degrade from excessive moisture. It's also important to consider safety and ensure you've eliminated potential hazards for guests. From there, you can think about who you want to invite and what it will take to throw a memorable backyard event for them. Here's a pool party checklist to help you get started.

1. Select a Party Theme

Summer parties often accompany themes to help capture the imagination and celebrate fun activities. Common summer themes include beach, island, tropical, nostalgic, and modern imagery. The theme can also be water sports or swimming to focus on pool activities.

2. Create Eye-Catching Invitations

Near the top of your pool party checklist should be crafting unique invitations that stand out rather than blend in with junk mail. Using a colorful envelope is one way to get attention. Remember the invite sets the tone for the event.

3. Add Decor to Your Deck

Once you are sure your deck has undergone quality waterproofing, you can add artistic decorations that accompany your party theme.

4. Use Music Playlists

For background music, feed a digital playlist through a stereo system with speakers. The playlist can come from a streaming service, your computer, or mobile DJ service. Designing your playlist allows you to create a unique soundtrack to fit your theme.

5. Create a Fun Menu

Posting a menu of your party food items associated with your theme adds a refreshing ambiance to a home party. Your menu can be a chalkboard or a poster board with handwritten items to give a personal touch.

6. Serve Special Drinks

Unique cool drinks that fit your theme add details to your party that gives guests something to talk about. Consider the tastes of your guests and the type of surprises they may enjoy for cocktails or slightly fermented probiotic health drinks.

7. Offer a Variety of Treats

Think about treats that go well with pool parties, which tend to mix conventional snacks and healthy choices. Offering various fresh fruits lets people know you care about healthy options.

8. Provide Easy Access to Restrooms

One of the top questions at a party is: where's the restroom? Make it evident with signs and accessible walkways without obstructions.

9. Add Captivating Floats

Floats add visual imagery to a pool party that helps make the occasion memorable. Large creative, colorful floats present a fun atmosphere.

10. Use Comfortable Chairs

Remember that some people prefer sitting on lounge chairs at pool parties. Try to make the seating as enjoyable as swimming.

11. Reserve an Area for Pets

If you have pets, make sure they get attention and are entertained by designating a particular area for them where they are safe.

12. Hang Colored Lights

Outdoor parties that extend into the evening need lighting. Why not make the lighting colorful to fit the mood of your party?

13. Plan Pool Games

Organizing safe water sports or swimming contests can be the main highlight of your pool party. It facilitates fun group interactivity.

14. Share Poolside Stories

Storytelling and parties go well together, providing fun memories. An effective way to conclude a party is with a series of stories about personal experiences.

15. Preserve Party Memories with Photos and Videos

One of the best things about a memorable party is evidence of a good time in the form of vibrant photos and videos.


Use this pool party checklist to get your list started. Contact the pool deck waterproofing experts at West Coast Deck Waterproofing if your pool deck needs a makeover before the big party.