Products Used

Here are some of the products we use

In order to guarantee the highest quality work, West Coast Deck Waterproofing uses the highest quality products to guarantee customer satisfaction. We also apply coats and decorative finishes in a variety of textures, designs and colors, using ICC approved systems such as:

Our West Coast Deck branded deck systems offer the most reliable and long lasting protection for any deck or walkway application. These heavy duty systems are perfect for residential or commercial properties that are looking for professional waterproofing without sacrificing aesthetic appeal or quality.

Desert Flex

Desert Flex is a cost-effective solution for waterproofing and restoring a variety of existing deck systems. Perfect for those looking to protect their walkways and balconies from heavy foot traffic or waterproof their swimming pool and rooftop decks and give them a great new look.


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Desert Crete for Plywood Subfloors

Desert Crete is the ideal solution for any deck or walkway in a private or commercial setting. Popular with HOA’s, Apartment Complexes, Hotels and residential homes. This is used for high traffic and with an aesthetic curb appeal.

Step 1

  • A layer of Desert Brand Deck Primer is applied to the work area. Once dried a 2nd coat in

Step 2

  • A Desert Brand Deck Polyurethane Caulk and Seam Tape is applied to all seams to improve

Step 3

  • If the work area is uneven a cement and resin can be applied to create a smooth

Step 4

  • Fiberglass is frayed and placed over the work area, and a Base resin coat is applied

Step 5

  • The texture coat is applied giving the deck its final appearance

Step 6

  • The customer’s selected top coat color and additional waterproofing is applied

*Allow 4-6 hours or more of drying time. Additional time may be required depending on weather condition before light pedestrian traffic is allowed and a full 24-48 hours before heavy objects are placed on the work area.

Desert Crete Texture Overlay System

Desert Crete Texture/Overlay is ideal for surfacing aged or newly poured concrete surfaces and can be used to attractively finish Desert Crete or Desert Flex. This High Quality interior and exterior surfacing system employs high performance acrylic modified cements combined with a unique pigmentation process for color enhancement while utilizing state of the art patterns, surface textures and designs that can be used in countless ways, even walls!

Step 1

  • A layer of Desert Brand Deck Fiberlath mesh is applied to the work area and laminated to the surface.

Step 2

  • Once dry, a slurry mixture of cement and resin is applied to the Fiberlath layer covering the work area.

Step 3

  • An optional pattern may be applied to give the deck a unique look based on the customer’s specifications.

Step 4

  • A texture coat made up of cement and resin is applied to give the deck its final appearance.

Step 5

  • The customer’s selected top coat color and additional waterproofing is applied.

    Life Paint Systems

    Life Paint Specialty Coatings is the manufacturer of high performance waterproof decking, epoxy coatings, concrete resurfacing, stain and sealer products. Well known for lowering V.O.C. , Volatile Organic Compounds, removing known carcinogens and developing APEO free products with high performance standards.

    life paint fm system - 2

    Life Deck FM System

    The Life Deck FM System is the premier waterproofing system for above ground decks. This all acrylic system is designed to not only be waterproof, but it is also flexible, long lasting, fireproof and skid resistant. The Life Deck FM System can be applied to plywood, concrete, magnesite or metal deck designs and is perfect for anyone looking to keep their deck, dry, safe and looking good. The advantages to this system is that it is Low Maintenance, Fast Drying and Durable.

    Life Deck MC System

    Life Deck MC System

    The Life Deck MC System is a fiber reinforced deck system designed for concrete and magnesite floorings. This system is ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic, like balconies, corridors and stairs and landings. This system is quick to set for minimal downtime before the area can return to normal traffic. This is ideal and is heavily utilized for Hotels, Condominiums, Apartments and Office Buildings. The Life Deck MC System is not only waterproof, it is strong, flexible and has a high UV resistance and a Safe anti-skid finish The advantages to this system are strong flexibility, strength and durability which a choice of color and texture giving a high curb appeal.

    MC System