Glossary of Decking

West Coast Deck Waterproofing is your deck, balcony, pool deck and waterproofing resource. Check out our "Glossary of Decking" terms so you can become as educated as you like about our applications. We believe the more you know about our services the more you will appreciate our work. With us you do not need to be concerned about codes, fire ratings or other technical parts of your new deck. We have you covered. All of our systems, materials, assemblies meet local, state and federal codes and guidelines.


The same as a deck, usually with closed in outside walls.

Cement System

A multi ply assemble of, metal lath stapled (big roofing staples) directly to plywood decks, balconies, walkways, landings or stairs. Once the metal lath is attached a layer of cement is applied in a smooth coat. After the metal lath and cement, a layer of liquid acrylic resin is applied with fiberglass (yes just like a boat or surfboard) is applies fully soaking the fiberglass. When dry this is what makes your deck surface waterproof. Over that, another coat of cement based texture is trowelled on and allowed to dry. The final steps is a texture coat applied with an air powered hopper creates an "orange peel" texture which can be trowelled while still wet into a "knockdown' surface just like your walls in your house. The final step is to apply the surface coating of acrylic paint in a variety of colors.


This term refers to the area on a deck which is raised usually in a triangular shape to divert water towards the drains or scuppers.

Deck Drains

Metal drains usually in the center of the deck normally with a metal grid on the surface


A second floor (or above) outside living space usually outside a living room or bedroom. Usually has a steel or wood guardrail system.


This is a product used to seal the concrete pool deck or other large expansion joints in concrete.

Door Pan

​A piece of sheet metal made to go under the threshold of the exterior doors that prevents water from leaking under the doors or existing threshold. It has a small vertical lip on the inside that prevents water from flowing in.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Popular with garage flooring, Epoxy coating will not only protect your concrete but make oil spills much easier to clean up. Glossy epoxy floors are common in food plants, labs, auto service bays and many other locations. Garage floors in residential properties are often coated with epoxy to improve appearance, resist oil and grease stains. Be very careful to engage a professional in epoxy coatings as many big box home improvement stores sell cheap floor products which are not suitable for hot auto tires (when you come home) and may discolor, wear through or peel.


Sheet metal that makes a solid connection between the horizontal surfaces and the vertical surfaces like a stucco or wood exterior wall. Also the metal on the edge of the deck where it is open on the outside.

Floor Joists

This term refers to the actual framing that usually extends from inside your units floor outside the building to support the balcony or deck.​ These structural beams sometimes rot and must be replaced to provide a solid walking surface and a suitable surface to anchor your new deck coating system.

Iron rail base plate

This is the square plate on the hand rail post that actually connects the deck to the rail. These often rust and must be replaced.


The small area at the top of stairs.


A first floor outside living space usually made concrete or pavers, not a waterproof surface. Still suitable for decorative surface coating and non skid surfaces.

Plywood Repair

When plywood decks (under waterproof deck) sustains moisture damage from leaks on a damaged or cracked deck, the plywood rots and must be replaced to provide a solid walking surface and a suitable surface to anchor your new deck coating system.


Ponding is the areas on a deck where water stands after a rain or a good wash down. Some ponding is normal where large decks are applied and very little slope is present. It is considered normal if the water that remains is less than 1/8" in depth and dries up within 24 hours after water is applied.

Pool Deck

Usually a concrete area around your pool that is cracked, lifting or just plain ugly

Restoration system

Applied over existing decks that are in generally good condition. This system is just like the "Cement System" ​but without the removal, metal lath and concrete base coat.


Scuppers are normally sheet metal tubes that go through the wall to allow water to escape the desk area. Sometimes they are the only drainage and sometimes they are used as emergency overflows so if the drain is blocked the scupper will allow drainage.


Caulking used to repair cracks under the new coating system


Slope is the angle of the deck that allows water to run off the edge or into the drains. Sometimes the slope is actually framed into wood buildings and other times on concrete buildings it must be achieved by the application of additional concrete compounds to make sure the water runs off or to the drains properly.


A common, usually narrow entry to multiple upstairs units.