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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Epoxy Flooring

Kevin Marshall
April 27, 2018

When it comes to flooring options, there’s not that many options as versatile, budget friendly, and customizable as Epoxy Floors. Read on to learn about some reasons why you should choose epoxy flooring.  

  • Durability. One of the best things about Epoxy Flooring is its durability. Thanks to its tough exterior, the surface of epoxy is high resistant to just about everything that your floor might come in contact with. Whether you spill oil, gasoline, cleaners, or other liquids onto the surface, it won’t stain the surface of the floor making it easy to protect your investment.
  • Easy Maintenance. With high traffic areas inevitably comes stains, track marks and other signs of wear and tear. However, with Epoxy Flooring, this isn’t the case. Thanks to the glossy surface of epoxy, it’s easy to wipe away any spills that may take place. With regular maintenance such as sweeping and mopping, the floor will continue shine.
  • Versatile design. Are you looking for a particular color, design or finish? If so, Epoxy flooring can be a good option for you as epoxy coatings are extremely versatile. There are a number of finishing combinations to choose from as well as colors and textures. Whatever you have in mind, epoxy coatings can provide.
  • Easy Installation. If you have a concrete floor or surface, its easy to simply instal an epoxy coat right over the concrete surface. Epoxy coats can be placed on both new and old surfaces. Additionally, the thickness of the epoxy coat can be customized to your needs.  
  • Affordability. With all the options that come with epoxy coatings, its per square foot cost can’t be beat. Given the fact that it can be easily added over pre-existing surfaces you can also save time and money as no major prerequisites need to take place before applying the epoxy coating.