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About Rooftop Deck Resurfacing

December 31, 2013
When it comes to staying away from home you want the very best, a hotel has to have everything you might possibly need to make you feel comfortable and one of those things cou...
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About Epoxy Floor Coatings

December 13, 2013
Epoxy coatings were originally developed for use on surfaces which see heavy duty use, using less heat to apply than the heat-cured powder coatings which were popular on metal...
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Right Stain Finish for You

November 27, 2013
WC Deck Waterproofing
Choosing the finish for your deck is an important part of maintenance, as well as keeping up the aesthetic appeal. The choices are clear: wood stain or paint. If you don’...
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Choose Desert Flex for restoring

November 13, 2013
Proper cleaning of a deck will help to keep it in good condition for as long as possible, but in some cases where this has not been performed it becomes necessary to execute a...
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Protect Your Deck From Winter

October 31, 2013
Preparing your deck for winter is not a difficult process but one which is necessary to protect the condition of your deck for many years to come. Winter weather can be incred...
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Hire a Professional Deck Contractor

October 18, 2013
It is undoubtable that a professional deck contractor would be able to complete the work to a higher standard than an amateur or DIY job, and it is likely that the work would ...
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Importance of Upkeep for Magnesite

September 20, 2013
When well looked after, magnesite is a beautiful, distinctive floor covering which is resilient to general daily activity and can last for many years. If it is not treated pro...
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Vehicular Traffic Coatings

September 13, 2013
In areas of high traffic, across cities, work spaces and factories, there is a significant amount of wear which can be caused by cars and other vehicles. Although cars, buses,...
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What You Need To Know About Decks

August 30, 2013
It is important to coat any deck with a suitable material to protect it from the elements. Wood is susceptible to damage from water, where moisture can make it twist or warp, ...
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Risks Associated With Poor Decks

August 16, 2013
A popular way to beautify and add value to any home is by installing a deck waterproofing system. Not only does waterproofing your deck improve the look of your house but it a...
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Importance of Maintaining Your Deck

July 29, 2013
After purchasing a great new deck for your home, it is important to keep up with proper maintenance. It is important to maintain your deck not only to protect your investment,...
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Planters Makes For a Beautiful Home

July 15, 2013
Summer brings many beautiful flowers blooming in the Los Angeles area! Keeping your flowers growing properly and your house at its best so they look as good as possible can be...
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Magnesite Flooring Systems

June 14, 2013
Magnesite Flooring Systems are perfect for exterior floor surfaces and decks. Magnesite Flooring Systems are created from a mixture of Magnesium oxychloride cement, fillers, a...
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Enjoy Your Deck All Summer Long

June 10, 2013
It’s finally summertime! Time to be outdoors in the beautiful Southern California sun, barbecuing with your family and friends and surrounding yourself with nature. Deck safet...
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Importance of Subfloors

May 31, 2013
Everyone walks on floors everyday without giving any thought to them. Under the surface, however, there is actually a lot going on. Floors need to be built on reliable structu...
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Below Grade Waterproofing

May 15, 2013
A beautiful home deck can be the pride and joy of a homeowner's backyard. It is a magnificent piece of work that takes a lot of time and investment. Not only is it a beautiful...
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Desert Crete Products For Your Deck

April 30, 2013
Spring is at its peak and Summer is right around the corner. Now is the time to be outdoors enjoying that beautiful California weather, especially here in Los Angeles. What be...
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Revitalizing your Pool for Summer

April 29, 2013
With summer just a few months away, it is time to get your pools ready and cleaned. Summer calls for outdoor barbecues, family gatherings, pool parties, and laying out in the ...
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Reason To Apply Epoxy Floor Coatings

March 29, 2013
When it comes to stability and durability it is important to consider all types of floor alternatives. Epoxy coatings are a great choice for residential, industrial and commer...
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Signs You Need to Restore Your Deck

February 26, 2013
5 Signs that You Need to Restore Your Deck
Every homeowner should take responsibility for any damage that occurs at their home especially when the problem is preventable. To ensure that your house is kept well-maintain...
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Protecting Your Roof

January 30, 2013
Living comfortably requires proper home maintenance. Homeowners are faced with at least one house-related dilemma whether it be a plumbing issue, structural damage or/and land...
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